This project analyzes the people who participate in protest: who are they, what motivates them to protest, and how are they connected to one another. Current research on this project is focusing on analyzing data collected from participants in demonstrations since the inauguration of Donald Trummp in January 2017.

Through this analysis, we will be able to answer broad questions about protest and activism, as well as those about political engagement, organizational embeddedness, network connections among protest participants, and how protest around contentious issues connect social movements and change over time.

-American Resistance (Columbia University Press, 2019).

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (for a list of publiations in the popular media, see Media)

- Fisher, Dana R., Kenneth T.Andrews, Neal Caren, Erica Chenoweth, Michael T. Heaney, Tommy Leung, Nathan Perkins, and Jeremy Pressman. 2019. “The Science of Contemporary Street Protest: New Efforts in the United States.” Science Advances .

- Fisher, Dana R. and Lorien Jasny. 2019. “Understanding Persistence in the Resistance.” Sociological Forum .

- Fisher, Dana R. 2019. “The broader importance of #FridaysForFuture.” Nature Climate Change. .

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-Presentation of the preliminary results of the study of the 2014 People's Climate March.

-Documentary Short about studying the 2014 People's Climate March by FiveThirtyEight, "The Collectors: Political Action."


Research Tools

Survey Instrument from Women’s March 2017

Survey Instrument from Families Belong Together Event 2018

Dataset from Women’s March 2017 (analysis published in Science Advances)



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