Business Insider:

I'm a professor who studies protests and activism. Here's why the George Floyd protests are different.

The George Floyd protests may become a defining moment in the future of American politics.

The US Postal Service protests were the perfect example of a new type of political activism. But the organizing tactic is about to face its biggest test yet.

America is Shattering in Two

The pro-Trump riots at the Capitol may be a startling preview of a new political reality

Americans can't keep ignoring the dozens of states sneaking through laws that attack the right to protest and make it more dangerous to take to the streets

The Nation:

It's Time for Democrats to "Stop Clapping for Tinkerbell."


Youth Climate Activists Once Opposed Joe Biden. Now, They Say They�ll Vote for Him.


What History Tells Us About Protest in an Era of Vigilante Violence


How the Universal Language of Music Can Help Us Solve Our Planetary Problem

Protests in the Trump Era Have Been Mostly Peaceful. Here's How the 2020 Election Could Change That

Washington Post:

The original Women's Marchers are still a political force.

The young Climate Strikers marching this week are all fired up and ready to vote.

The Youth Climate Summit starts July 12. It's full of young activists trained in the anti-Trump movement.

This year's Women's Marchers weren't focused on the leadership controversy. They were all about local and national political organizing.

Here's why the protests against Kavanaugh (and the Trump administration) won't go away.

Who came out in the brutal heat to the 'Families Belong Together' march? Here's our data.

Here's who actually attended March for Our Lives. (No, it wasn't mostly young people

The American Prospect:

Door-Knocking in a Life-or-Death Campaign (with Lara Putnam)

Will Scientists Gear Up for Activism in the Age of Trump? (with Scott Frickel)

Huffington Post 11/9/16:

Waking Up in Trump's America Watching the Ocean Rise

The Society Pages, 2/6/17:

This is What Democracy Looks Like

The Conversation, 5/31/17:

The Demographics of the Resistance



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Looking Back on a Year of Resisting Trump

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New York Review of Books:


One of America�s Most Prescient Political Thinkers on the Changing Politics of Climate Change: Dana Fisher has studied Trump, the insurrection and Resistance. She says the opportunity to tackle climate change has finally arrived.

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