Selected recent MEDIA COVERAGE:


The Tangible Effects of Connecting with Your Neighbors. by Dana R. Fisher. Stanford University Press Blog 21 May 2015.


An Easy Solution To America’s Democracy Problem. by Dana R. Fisher. The Chronicle of Philanthropy 26 March 2015.


How Do Civic Gateways Work for Everyone? by Dana R. Fisher. Knight blog, the blog of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 13 March 2015.


Idealists for Hire by Isaiah Thompson, Philadelphia City Paper, 11 August 2010


Momentum Shifts to Skeptics on Global Warming Debate by Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience, 11 February 2010.


Interview with Edie Lush at the Hub Culture Climate Pavilion at the COP-15 Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009.


`Coal Country' Poses the Biggest Obstacle in Senate Climate Debate by Christa Marshall, The New York Times, November 2, 2009.


How Do You Respond to Sidewalk Activists? interview on NPR's Talk of the Nation, August 3, 2009.


Sidewalk activism `strangling progessive politics' one disillusioned employee at a time by Eric Zorn, The Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2009.


Do Street Protests Still Work? interview on NPR's The Bryant Park Project, March 18, 2008.


SELECTED MEDIA COVERAGE OF Activism, Inc. (listed by medium):



Grassroots Reseeded: Suites vs. Streets by Laura Flanders in the Nation (February 11, 2008 issue).


The Activism Industry by Dana R. Fisher in the American Prospet (September 2006).


Scorching the Grass Roots by David Glenn in the Chronicle of Higher Education (September 15, 2006).


News Report on The Activism Industry: Outsourcing outreach takes a toll on the left's base by Elizabeth Oliver in the Utne Reader (September 2006).


Hired help replacing volunteers by Chrissie Thompson in the Washington Times (20 October 2006).


Ending rot in America's grass roots by Dana R. Fisher in the Christian Science Monitor (30 October 2006).


Election Day by Michael Kinsley in the New York Times Sunday Book Review (5 November 2006).


The True Ideological Battle by Arthur C. Brooks in the Wall Street Journal (7 November 2006).


When College Ends, So Does Activism by Adam Doster in In These Times (11 June 2007).



Interview with Jonathan Rowe on America Offline on KWMR-FM Marin County (August 29, 2006)


Conversation with Joy Cardin on (September 5, 2006)


A Public Affair with Diane Farsetta on WORT in Madison, Wisconsin (September 22, 2006)


The Thom Hartmann Show on Portland's Progressive Talk Station KPOJ in Portland, Oregon (September 27, 2006)


Charlottesville---Right Now with Coy Barefoot on 1070 WINA in Charlottesville, Virginia (October 11, 2006)


The Leonard Lopate Show---Underreported Feature on WNYC in New York City (October 26, 2006)



Interview with Mike Connery of (September 6, 2006)
Click here for access to the podcast.

For a lively discussion of the Mike Connery Interview, see the comments on the reposted version at the Daily Kos


For a review of the book by a former canvasser from Grassroots Campaigns Inc. and a lively discussion of the review, see the comments on the Daily Kos


For a review of the book by political strategist David Sirota, see the Sirota Blog (January 2007)





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